Revelation In Space

Haud Ignota Loquor [Latin] - I Speak Not of Unknown Things

Science and theology are similar in that they have great potential for being abused and neglected. I don't have a problem with science as much as I do with theology in that regard but I don't trust either (or anything) once it has massive appeal because that's how the abuse and neglect becomes useful. - Akio Tsukino

Akio Tsukino immigrated from Japan to the United States with his parents when he was four years old. His father, Haruto, was a pilot in a private space program. Akio was a Navy SEAL, and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal with Combat V. He received a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a doctorate in psychology but later joined Lehrer/Sheen industries as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in the field of robotics. Just prior to the Global Revolution he remotely trained Christian Lehrer in his early days on the space station Laurasia, and continued as a volunteer worker; a dear friend of the Lehrer family.

Akio, A male Japanese name from (aki) "bright" combined with (o) "husband, man", (o) "male" or (o) "hero, manly." Tsukino meaning "moon field". From tsuki meaning "moon" and no meaning "field."

Akio was the primary psychologist for the space program, a subsidiary of Lehrer/Sheen Industries, who were the manufacturers of the space stations Laurasia and Gondwana. Akio's wife, Chiyeko, worked alongside them at the space program as an administrative consultant for medicinal advancement.

Chiyeko, a female Japanese name pronounced CHEE yeh ko, often used in English speaking countries before the revolution, the name may be a respelling of the Japanese name Chieko since the syllable 'ye' does not occur in Japanese.

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  • Animations: Dragonset, Matters of Grave Concern, The Pillars of Barad-Dur, Heart of Stone, Golden Leaves, Gravity, and Dragons in Moonlight, by Steven David Bennett

Dragonset, by Steven David Bennett Matters of Grave Concern, by Steven David Bennett The Pillars of Barad-Dur, by Steven David Bennett Heart of Stone, by Steven David Bennett Golden Leaves, by Steven David Bennett Gravity, by Steven David Bennett Dragons in Moonlight, by Steven David Bennett