Revelation In Space
Unknown: from Eve Online

Revelation In Space

Ab Antiqu [Latin] - From the Ancient

The council of Verdant Rim has made some progress regarding the discoveries this past year from a pre-revolutionary group known as the Ministry Of Science and Technology (MOST). The discoveries were made when a young girl slipped into a sinkhole near the entrance of a cave near Verdant Rim. The girl was drawn to the sound of puppies crying. Prior to the global revolution and catastrophes, the area was formerly known as Green Banks, West Verginia, part of the larger area known as "The Quiet Zone."

Discovered near the entrance of the cave were neutrionic devices, still powered by Neutrino rays which bombard planet Earth regardless of season, weather or time of day. These devices were commonly used after the global revolution, especially by passengers of the space station Laurasia. Since these devices were neutrionic journals kept especially by MOST androids and human personnel alike, they are potentially very useful in determining aspects of that period which were destroyed and forgotten in the Great Destruction following the revolution.
- Asha Bain, Council Leader, Verdant Rim, Pangea Proxima

  • Unknown, from Eve Online (original uncropped image)