Captain's Blog: Akio Tsukino

Finis Origine Pendet [Latin] - The End Depends Upon the Beginning

Science is not a collection of facts; it is a process of discovery. . . . Ideas have consequences. - Robert Zubrin

Lehrer/Sheen industries has launched its first space station without a hitch. As its first captain I will be publishing this blog available to passengers and crew aboard Laurasia; it will also be available to family and friends who have a connected Lyceum device on the surface of planet Earth. The ship itself automatically logs its own sort of celestial periplus; all technical, operational and navigational data, which it backs up at the base of Lehrer/Sheen's operations in Green Bank, West Virginia.

Since the first six-month excursion will not include civilian passengers obviously the Lyceum connections at this point will be provided exclusively to crew aboard Laurasia and for communication purposes, their friends and family. The technical aspects of the launch, as already mentioned having been recorded and analyzed by the ship's computer, are available on the Laurasia website, linked to through your device. Reiterating the launch went as expected, without difficulty.

We should be arriving at our first destination of L1 (Lagrange 1 Point) roughly 0.01 AU or 1.5 million kilometers (809935 nautical miles) from Earth. There we will observe the Sun–Earth system for one lunar month followed by the same for the remaining points consecutively. The primary purpose of our mission is to establish, or more accurately confirm where the sister ship Gondwana will be located. Gondwana will be manned, for lack of a better term, exclusively by artificial intelligence. Robots, for the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, electronics and crystal growth. Both stations will also be manned by androids for research purposes.

Akio Tsukino, Thursday, January 5, 2034

  • Observation Deck, by Zane Bien: 2010 (original uncropped image)
  • Animations: Dragonset, Matters of Grave Concern, The Pillars of Barad-Dur, Heart of Stone, Golden Leaves, Gravity, and Dragons in Moonlight, by Steven David Bennett

Dragonset, by Steven David Bennett Matters of Grave Concern, by Steven David Bennett The Pillars of Barad-Dur, by Steven David Bennett Heart of Stone, by Steven David Bennett Golden Leaves, by Steven David Bennett Gravity, by Steven David Bennett Dragons in Moonlight, by Steven David Bennett